Multi-Tenant Residential

Active Witness is a trusted source among multi-tenant housing companies for seamlessly managing tenant access.

Active Witness for Multi-Tenant Residential

As the owner of a multi-tenant residential building, your goal is to provide your residents with the best living experience possible. However, the constant influx of people can make it difficult to maintain order. That's why investing in access control solutions like SIMA by Active Witness is a wise choice to keep things organized and secure.

By implementing access control systems, you can eliminate concerns about unauthorized visitors and reduce theft by securing properties 24/7.

Active Witness's SIMA ecosystem offers multi-tenant building owners and managers the ability to regulate building access without relying on keycards, resulting in time and stress reduction for coworking managers. Our proprietary technology uses Facial Authentication to instantly verify a user's credentials.

Benefits for Multi-Tenant Properties

Eliminate Keycards

Simple Administration

Remote Door Unlock

Manage Multiple Properties with 1 System

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