Slide Redefined A first of its kind multi-factor IoT security device that operates on Active Witness’
proprietary hosted cloud-based visitor management software
Access A Higher-Level of Access

Active Witness System

Active Witness utilizes AI powered facial authentication to verify a 1 to 1 match for highly secure user access. Our uniquely designed IoT edge device, Sima, operates on Active Witness’ hosted cloud-based access software providing simple installation and frictionless access.

An ID claim is made by the entrant to the camera

The camera reads the ID Claim and matches it to the person’s face and verifies if the claim is a correct match. The door only opens if there’s a 100% match.

Currently ID Claims on the Active Witness system can be: QR Codes printed on cards, QR Codes on smartphone


Active Witness Advantages

Easy to install, set up and operate

No need to print access cards

Easy to issue visitors’ access with time restrictions

Quick database inquiry option – know what time certain individual entered a certain facility

Touchless access authorization reduces spread of germs

Simple POE based install

IOS & Android compatible

2-in-1 door reader and controller

Hosted cloud-based software

Facial verification, NOT facial recognition


Sima is a uniquely designed AI powered edge device that provides a highly secure yet frictionless new form of access control. Our robust yet simple to use solution is a great option for any business or individual looking for better building security and easy to use visitor management software.


Industrial Buildings


Commercial Buildings


Government Buildings


Military Facilities


Energy Plants




Education Facilities



club (1)

Private Clubs




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The Active Witness Way

Fast and accurate, high quality facial verification
1. Identification Identity Claim (QR, Voice-Print)
2. Fast Check Instant Retrieval of Candidate Face
3. Claim Face Presented (proof of claim)
4. Analysis 1-to-1 Detailed Biometric Analysis

Conventional Face-Recognition

Whole-database biometric search is slow and can return incorrect identity
1. Identification Subject Face Presented to System
2. Search Search of Entire Database
3. Match approximately Closest Match Assumed Identity
4. Privacy Concerns as Some Users are Unbeknownst to the Facial Scan

Join the many businesses already using Active Witness

Our hardware has provided simple, non-conflicting systems in large installations.

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    See for yourself. Quick video introduction

    An ID claim is made by the entrant to the Sima sensor. The sensor reads the ID Claim and matches it to the
    person’s face to verify if the claim is a correct match. The door only opens if the match is 100%.

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