Landscaping Services

Farming and Landscaping operations count on Active Witness for safeguarding their onsite inventory.

Active Witness for Landscaping Services

Landscaping businesses are the backbone of Canadian and US economies. All too often, weak and outdated security systems make landscaping businesses vulnerable to theft and break-ins, resulting in immeasurable loss and emotional stress.

That's where Active Witness comes in. SIMA, our proprietary facial recognition camera technology, eliminates the need for keycards and simply scans a user's face to grant them building access. And for businesses with seasonal or temporary workers, you can tailor access to meet your business needs. SIMA also scales , so whether you have one storage facility or 20, we've got you covered.

Benefits for Landscaping Businesses

Eliminate Keycards

Simple Administration

Remote Door Unlock

60-Second User Enrollment

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