Benefits of Partnering With Us


 Plug & play

 Plug & play POE based solution for any business


Simple Setup

Simple backend setup and user enrollment



Opportunity to build Monthly Recurring Revenue into your business



 A scalable solution from single access points to hundreds


Upsell Opportunity

Ability to upsell customers on new product feature development


Easy User Interface

Easy user interface requiring less ad hoc customer requests


Training & Resources

Tons of marketing and training resources for you and your customers



Highly customizable solution to meet the needs of your clients

The Active Witness Dealer network includes a diverse list of highly reputable security specialists. We only partner with top ranked installation partners. Together with our channel partners, we work everyday to provide our customers with a seamless customer experience. Don’t just take it from us, take it from our channel partners.

Mark Williams, Business Manager, Matrix Integrated Systems

"I've been working with Vik from Active Witness for about two years now and the level of care he has put into each install on the back end has been extraordinary. Start to finish Vik has been hands on with every install to make sure our clients have received the outcome they were looking for. If you are looking for access control solutions, Active Witness is worth taking the time to learn about.”

Paul Cassidy, Sales Consultant, Alberta Lock Solid

"I have been a Security Consultant since 2005 and, over the years, have developed a broad understanding of many access control systems.  Each product I have sold  did meet the customer’s needs but it also resulted in some customers having unexpected challenges in managing their new access control system.  The three areas that have caused the most grief to users are a] keeping the software up-to-date b] administering the ordering and distribution of the credentials including key cards, key fobs or pin codes and c] dealing with obsolete software or hardware.

Sima (by Active Witness) addresses  the issues listed above by providing QR codes to each user thus eliminating the need for key cards, key fobs or pin codes.  The system can also provide a higher level of security by offering a Facial Authentication option. Sima is managed and administered by using the Active Witness smart phone app!  Installation is very clean and easy since there is no need for a desktop or laptop computer since it is connected directly to the customer’s network.  With no need (or cost) of credentials or computers allows for a more cost effective access control solution that is easy to manage with your smartphone!"

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