Hospitals and healthcare facilities trust Active Witness to secure their onsite inventory.

Active Witness for Healthcare

Facial authentication is a high-level security measure that provides access solely to authorized individuals. It helps to prevent the theft of patient data and confidential medical information, as well as protect equipment and supplies within the facility.

Accurate Identification: Active Witness's facial authentication technology is highly accurate and reliable. It can distinguish between authorized and unauthorized individuals with quick, non-invasive scans, providing a high level of security and accuracy.

Ease of Scalability: Facial authentication technology can be scaled up or down according to the needs of the healthcare facility. It is easy to add or modify access privileges, monitor access logs, and identify trends among most common points of entry.

Track Access to Sensitive Locations: Active Witness sensors can be used to track access to sensitive locations – operating rooms, pharmacies, and equipment storage.

Benefits for Healthcare

Eliminate Keycards

Simple Administration

Remote Door Unlock

60-Second User Enrollment

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