Gas Stations

Gas station owners trust Active Witness to secure their onsite inventory.

Active Witness for Gas Stations

With over 150,000 gas stations in North America serving million of customers daily, retail fuel is an integral part of our economy and infrastructure.

Retail fuel owners often store cash and valuable inventory like tobacco, beer, and wine in offices and inventory rooms, items that must be secured and accounted for.

We asked President of Teejay Oil, JD Saran, to explain the impact Active Witness access control has had on his business.

“With Active Witness, we no longer need physical keys. This reduces the costs associated with physical keys and having to change out the locks when we have turnover. The remote door unlock also helps with letting in contractors.”

JD Saran
President, Teejay Oil

Benefits for Gas Stations

Eliminate Keycards

Simple Administration

Remote Door Unlock

60-Second User Enrollment

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