Event Centers & Stadiums

Tradeshow facilities and stadiums rely on Active Witness for protecting their attendees and fans.

Active Witness for Event Centers & Stadiums

The significance of security among event centers and stadiums cannot be overstated. Building access security plays a pivotal role in safeguarding attendees and preventing unauthorized access.

The implementation of building access security serves as a key component in protecting valuable property and ensuring only authorized individuals can enter the premises. Because facilities such as these have so many people coming and going, traditional keycard-based security systems become tedious and require extensive management to keep track of each person's access.

Cloud-based facial recognition systems, such as SIMA by Active Witness, replace the necessity for keycards with employee facial recognition. The administrator portal of Active Witness provides administrators with a quick overview and displays trends regarding popular entry points and the movement of employees.

Customer Testimonial: Save on Foods Memorial Centre

"Moving our access control to the cloud has simplified our user enrollment and administration," said George Fadel, Senior Director, Marketing at the Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre. We were able to deploy the system quickly and our staff will really enjoy the use of mobile credentials instead of having to carry around keycards."

George Fadel
Senior Director, Marketing
Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre

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Benefits for Event Centers & Stadiums

Eliminate Keycards

Simple Administration

Remote Door Unlock

60-Second User Enrollment

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