Active Witness Launches AI Powered Access Control Solution

Active Witness Launches AI Powered Access Control Solution

VANCOUVER, BCSept. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Active Witness Corp., a provider of artificially intelligent, cloud-based visitor management solutions, is pleased to introduce its SIMA multi-factor access control system that stops unauthorized access and redefines how access control is deployed.

Conventional facial recognition systems require a person to present his/her face, then search a database and present the closest match and identity. That process is slow and can lead to incorrect identity authorization and privacy concerns.

The SIMA multi-factor access control solution combines intelligent edge devices connected to a cloud service to only allow authorized personnel entry through a door through patent-pending facial verification. The process works by sending an identity claim, in the form of a QR code, to a user's mobile device. The door camera reads an ID Claim and matches it to the individual's face, then quickly verifies if the claim is a correct match. The entry space or door only opens if there's a 100% identity match.

The SIMA solution is easy to install and operate. Additional and optional features include video recording, time and attendance, tailgate tracking, and quick database inquiry. The touchless access authorization reduces the spread of germs.

"Gone are the days of printing access ID cards and slow and cumbersome access control," says Rob Bakshi, CEO of Active Witness Corp. "We all have our phones with us everywhere we go, and you can't leave home without your face. That's why this solution makes sense. It provides instant retrieval and quick analysis of a person's face, and only allows authorized personnel to enter a facility."

The SIMA solution is perfect for high-security facilities or member-only areas, such as HOA buildings, in addition to military facilities, power plants, schools, banks, private clubs, airports, or any business looking for more secure and frictionless visitor management solutions.

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