Protecting your Industrial, Manufacturing, and Warehousing facilities is now easier than ever

with Active Witness multi-factor cloud-based IoT security devices.


Securing Industrial facilities requires a comprehensive plan to manage varying access schedules, and the technology to simplify the process. One of the best ways to increase protection is to use the Active Witness system, layering technologies that work in conjunction together, providing a 1-to-1 authentication match offering a highly secure access solution.


Safety and productivity are two main objectives of many manufacturing facilities and are critical in providing a safe and secure place for workers, visitors, and plant managers. Active Witness AI powered systems prevent unauthorized access to restricted places, and have the ability to keep track of access data making it easy to manage time-sheets or other important access records.


Older access control systems may work, but they also present security issues and vulnerabilities across Warehousing facilities. The Active Witness Access Solution addresses these unique security challenges and safeguards assets with our iron-clad dual factor access authentication system, ensuring that your people and assets remain safe and secure.

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